Frequently Asked Questions

How did get Asiyah Center started?

Asiyah Center is a non-profit private shelter that began as a project of Muslims Giving Back (MGB). As the latter gained traction, it became increasingly aware of the domestic violence plaguing many of the women in the community. Initially MSB were paying for hotel rooms and making accomdations in the Muslim Community Center itself; but the epidemic was pervasive. Eventually the question of why these women and their children don't have a dedicated safe space in the community was posed; and so funds were raised and this concept of sanctuary became a reality.

Are Asiyah Center and its services exclusively for Muslim women?

The Asiyah Center was borne from the needs of and caters especially to the Muslim community; but we are also open to non-Muslim domestic violence victims. We do not discriminate, all intakes are determined by the woman's need and availability in the shelter itself.

Who is eligible or usually admitted by Asiyah Center?

We accept victims and children of domestic violence, Muslim women facing eviction, undocumented women and children, and refugees.

All applicants will complete an Emergency Shelter Admissions Form and consequentially be interviewed by one or two of our staff. If you fall under any of the categories previously listed, you are generally eligible. However, decisions can be contingent upon the availability in the shelter, in which case the admissions are especially need based.

Please note: The safety and wellbeing of our sisters is top priority, every new intake must adhere by a few safety precautions. We do background and identifcation checks and have house rules that must be signed. We do not accept women under the influence of alchol or illegal drugs, registered sex offenders, or women with a history of severe criminal acts or violent offenses.

Who do I contact for a potential intake?

Whether you are considering Asiyah Center for yourself or someone else (with their consent), please email us at Be sure to provide a brief description of the circumstances, a note of who you were referred by, and if safe- a call back number.

How long can someone stay at Asiyah Center?

Because we are a temporary shelter; we offer two weeks in the center beginning the day of intake. Following those two weeks, we evaluate the situation and any new progress or obstacles; often extending the stay with reoccuring evaluations at the end of every additional two weeks.